Sunday, April 19, 2009

This blog has collected some diverse quotations on the subject of Gay Marriage. You can add yours in comments.

"Each individual's journey through life is unique. Some will make this journey alone, others in loving relationships - maybe in marriage or other forms of commitment. We need to ponder our own choices and try to understand the choices of others. Love has many shapes and colors and is not finite. It can not be measured or defined in terms of sexual orientation." From the Statement of Affirmation and Reconciliation by the Quaker meeting in Aotearoa.

"Hey if you don't believe in gay marriage then don't marry a gay person!" Whoopi Goldberg, on the TV program The View.

A quotation from a conservative Christian.
"This is to let you know that SSM is an abomination in the sight of God and his word says that to agree with sinful evil people is being a partaker of other men's sins therefore the same punishment will be applied. The nation or people that commit abominations will be sent a curse that consists of God sending your enemies upon you and they will kill your sons and daughters, your enemies will eat up all your profits and get rich because of your sinfulness, God will send hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, Fire, Famine, and disease. If this will not turn your heart he will then sent a curse seven times worse until you are utterly destroyed. This is to let you know because many are being destroyed even now this curse has been in effect for a while and God wants sinners to to know why these things are coming upon them. He wants to give all men the opportunity to repent and be saved. These things will increase on the nations and people that war with him and they will know the wrath of the Lamb, for he will break them to pieces like a piece of pottery cast upon a rock, his fire will purge and clean every evil from the face of the earth and many shall flee to caves and hide from his presence crying out for the rocks to fall on them."

"Because marriage is a basic human right and an individual personal choice, RESOLVED, the State should not interfere with same-gender couples who choose to marry and share fully an equally in the rights, responsibilities, and commitment of civil marriage." The Marriage Resolution, by the Marriage Project of Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund.

"If marriage means everything, it means absolutely nothing. It will mean nothing to same-sex as well as opposite-sex couples. The current decline of the institution of marriage will be accelerated. Increasing numbers of couples will elect to simply 'live together'." Dr. James C. Dobson, of Focus on the Family, a fundamentalist Christian group.

"Then hugs. And kisses. Love was being expressed. Love that finally had found a tiny crack from which to shine." Rev. Ed Evans is the pastor of First Congregational United Church of Christ in Vancouver, WA, commenting on same-sex marriage ceremonies he was performing in Multnomah County, OR.

"This sort of marriage is not in the best interest of children." "God has a plan for marriage and this isn't it." "Allowing this kind of marriage will pave the way for all sorts of moral depravity." Comments from the 1960s on the interracial marriage of one man and one woman -- Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving.

"Promoting hatred and bigotry in the name of God is what destroys society, not the marriage of two loving people of the same gender." Raymond Miller.

"Gay people deserve the same right to marry that everybody else does. And God cares about our relationships the same way God cares about heterosexual relationships. We're making the same commitments to each other. We have the same responsibilities to each other, and we deserve the same rights and responsibilities under the law that everyone else has." Harry Knox of the Human Rights Campaign.

"I believe that others have the right to live as they choose, free from discrimination. But I don't believe that this acceptance, that this tolerance should lead to a radical redefinition of marriage." Senator Bill Frist (R-TN), Senate majority leader.

Seen on the Pardon My Planet comic strip for 2007-APR-24: A media person is interviewing a political candidate. The latter says: "I've got no problem with gay marriage --even though I don't understand why a gay man and a lesbian would wanna tie the knot in the first place."
"[Their relationship] is essentially different from that of man and wife joined in lawful wedlock."

A North Carolina judge, 1858, referred to a marriage between two African American slaves, and declared that marriage as unrecognized by the state because of their race.

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  1. Gay Marriage or Politics as Usual ?

    I've seen some pretty interesting headlines since Governor Patterson announced his support for and intention to push for legislation to make marriage legal for same sex couples. The most striking was on the Syracuse Newspapers website. It reads: "Spitzer more popular among New York voters than Patterson".

    I do not for one minute doubt that the governor is truly sincere in his support for this change in law. I do, however, question his motive for the timing. I believe that this is more about political tactic than support for same sex marriage laws. With his numbers in the dumper he can build support one constituency, one special interest group at a time, and that my friends is a very clever tactic that could work.

    Governor Patterson is an experienced politician from a well connected political family. He didn't get where he is by accident. He worked for it in the same way anyone else in elective position does. Let me put that another way: He's one hell of a smart guy with great political connections and support. Nah...I wouldn't count this guy out just yet no matter what the polls say, no matter how low those numbers are right now. It's early in the game.

    Wonder which group will be next to be the recipient of the Governor's political largess. Seniors? Disabled? Stay tuned folks. It's going to be an interesting campaign season.